About Us

The Workshop Leader Body (WSLB) is a group of AA Members who focus in working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)*. The contents of the website are drawn from their collective Experience, Strength & Hope.

The very nature of the work requires anonymity. Typically, individual contributions and content are signed personally by the contributor. All content goes through a review process by the WSLB Members before being published. Depending on the contributor’s choice, the contribution may appear in the open sections of this website or in the restricted sections which are open only to registered users.

While the WSLB comprises AA members, it is neither constituted as an AA group nor as a service board under AA’s service structure. As such, it is not affiliated or connected officially to AA in any way whatsoever. It is an independent body formed by AAs with long-term sobriety. We draw heavily from our collective experience in AA and its events, just as we draw from so many, many other experiences we have had in our lives, including seminars, conventions and training programs that are conducted by organisations unconnected with AA. They are typically spiritual, self-help, work-related and mentoring/coaching courses. Again, all this constitutes nothing but the experience, strength and hope of the members who comprise the WSLB.

The WSLB Academy website is full of ways to actually work the steps. There can never be one “right” way (or a “wrong” way) and nothing in the official AA literature prescribes any particular way. The working of the steps by WSLB has emerged after decades of practice, trial & error and plain common sense.

In that sense, our material is unique (© WSLB), although others have assimilated it by attending our workshops and training programs and made it their own, while sometimes failing to produce the same impact on the trainees. We invite participants to go forth and actively share their ESH with others after completing the workshops.  We have found that it is crucial for a new starter to partake in our entry level SWS (Step WorkShop) under the guidance of a trained WSL (Work Shop Leader) to gain best results.

We have four levels of practising the 12 Steps of AA. They are:

SWS – The entry-level 12-step workshop. We recommend members do this workshop once a year for sustained recovery and character building using the 12 steps of AA. This is usually a 3-full-day event.

PWS – The Promises Workshop – Recommended after at least two SWSs, to gain access to realizing the Twelve Promises of the AA 12 Step Program. This program has been successful in having results in daily life that are consistent with the 12 Promises show up for participants in a matter of weeks or months. This is a 4-full-day event followed by 2 Sundays (holidays) follow up work.

SAW - The Step Application Workshop carries the principles of the AA Programme into real, day-to-day life, building on the Recovery.

Passing it on – Train The Train the Trainer (T3) program that trains members who’ve completed the PWS and assisted in SWSs to lead in three streams:

  1. WSLs – Workshop Leaders Trained to Lead SWSs.
  2. WSMs – Workshop Managers Trained to produce and manage SWSs.
  3. PIDs – Public Information Directors Trained to carry the message of “Recovery through working the steps” to groups and individuals in their Area.

All our members are volunteers. They derive absolutely no pecuniary or other pecuniary benefits for their time and effort. Our Financial Policy can be found here.

At last count, participation in WSLB workshops has grown from 8 people in 2008 to several hundred by mid-2015. It is our experience that around a third of the participants in every SWS have attended one earlier, many of them several. Thus we believe WSLB has come of age.

Please feel free to use the contact form on the website to communicate with us. We hope the material on the website, constrained as it is by the restrictions of anonymity and the written word, is useful to you in your endeavor to change the things you can.

AA = Altered Attitudes, as they say!


The 12 Step Workshop

The 12-Step Workshop - or SWS for short is the entry-level programme for people to work the 12-steps of AA. Coached by AAs, for AAs and of AAs, the SWS is a 3-day programme.


The Promises Workshop, or PWS for short, is for people who've maintained long-term sobriety and have completed doing at least two SWSs. They need to have also actually worked all the 12 Steps in their entirety.

Train the Trainer

WSLB believes in the AA tradition of "give it away to keep it". Hence a Train the Trainer (T3WS) Course.