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Talk 6 Step 1

Talk 6 Step 1

Talk 6: Step 1

Hi, my name is JS and I am an Alcoholic, A Co-Alcoholic and A Compulsive Overeater all rolled into one and I live in Bangalore.

<< Serenity Prayer>>

We have so far seen what is this thing we call unmanageability. Then we saw how it works on us. After which we saw how to go beyond unmanageability at least temporarily. In the last talk we saw how fear acts on us.

Now let’s talk about the first step. It says, “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol— that our lives had become unmanageable.”

We looked at both parts of the step in detail. Now let’s put them together and use what we’ve learnt so far.

Our powerlessness isn’t “because” of alcohol. It’s “because” we have no power over our thoughting. And so when that insane thought comes and we take that first fatal drink, thanks to that fatal thought, we can’t stop. So the easier way to say all this is that we’re powerless over alcohol.

The curious part comes next. That our lives “had” become unmanageable. It does not say because of our powerlessness over alcohol, our lives had become unmanageable. There’s just a hyphen and the statement of the condition of our lives.

The other clue in this is that none of the remaining eleven steps even talk about alcohol, and in stead they’re all about our character and the defects and how to clean up.

For me the second part of the first step was the big mystery to solve or understand. Once I did that, staying away from alcohol was simply a bonus for the massive changes that happened to me each time I did the steps. My life without alcohol had nearly no similarities to my life before I quit.

What the first step taught me was that I was powerless over that first thought that made me pick up a drink and in fact ruined my life as well, making it unmanageable. The first thought and grabbing it to act. That was the fatality. The rest were just consequence of my inability to set aside or discard those first thoughts.

And AA gave me an easy way to distract my thoughting – say the serenity prayer. My other trainings taught me to take deep breaths when my body signaled it and so on.

I’ve taken five talks to arrive at this simple conclusion. Today I’ll take any questions and sharing on topic, for the rest of this session in our whatsapp group:

Okay, thank you for showing up for this talk. As I’ve always said, you are my blessings for today.

Let’s say the serenity prayer and close the meeting. Thank you.




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      Just now I have gone through all talks again contineously, one point realised that,  I through out  my life sofar picked up all first barrage of thoughts which are  triggered by my Unmanagibility  and acted upon, because of this reason now I am like this and suffering a lot in all parameters. Great Insight, thank you sir.           "Ghnana Margh"

This write up helps me to read more times till I understand sir

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