Source of fear


Source of fear

Talk 4 – Impromptu Talk on Fear.

Good evening and welcome. Join me at your end to say the serenity prayer.

This impromptu talk was triggered by a post on the online step workshop on Goals. One of the participants said his #1 goal was to overcome his fear of practically everything. I said that is not a goal since it didn’t fit into the definition of goals.

A goal must have definitive ‘distance, time and form’. Distance means clearly measurable milestones and end result, verifiable by any and all.

And fear has none of those. It is real, sure. But it is not measurable, and neither can you have milestones or an end result that is verifiable by any and all.

In the step workshop, we identify that there are two types of fear – authentic and inauthentic. So I’m not going to talk about that now, leaving it for my talk on the subject of fear at a later date.

But suffice it to say that both authentic and inauthentic fear are real. Both are present in the mind as thoughts and in the body as feelings.

Authentic fear drives us into immediate action. Inauthentic fear stops us in life. Let me repeat that. Authentic fear drives us into immediate action. Inauthentic fear stops us in life.

I’m not, as I just said, going deeper into that. For that you should go and do the online step workshop by registering at the WSLB website.

But the *reason* we experience inauthentic fear is actually very simple. We are unwilling to bear the possible consequences (imagined or real) of the actions or opinions we want to take or express. In simple terms, we *fear* the consequences if we’re wrong about something. But we attribute that fear to the object that triggers that inauthentic fear.

e.g. Fear of speaking before an audience. Fear of the boss. Teacher. Etc.

To cope with this fear, we ask stupid questions, clarifications or add inconsequential agreement or even simply keep our mouth shut.

Of course, we have massive reasons and justifications for keeping quiet, often mumbling our way through life as cowards.

I’m not referring to instances when discretion is the better part of valour. But when I look at my own life. Is it filled with such justifiable events all the time? No! 99% of the time we fear speaking out for fear of the possible (not certain) consequences. We’re not ready to stand up for our beliefs.

So quite simply, we “become” afraid since we are unwilling to risk facing the possible (not certain) consequences.

If you are prepared to face the consequences, you’ll experience no fear. Try it. Experience it. Then you’ll know what freedom from fear is like.

That’s the sum and substance I wanted to share my own insight about fear. Now I’m open to questions. Please remain on mute and send a chat message if you wish to talk and I’ll unmute you.

Okay, any questions? Comments? Topical Sharing?

Lets end this session and continue in the WhatsApp group.

<< Serenity Prayer>>


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