The Poison of Organisations

Long ago, when I was all of 30-32, the then fledgeling RSS Bangalore approached me to join, saying I’d be made a member of the organising committee. I said NO then. I’ll say NO now. My ‘reasons’ are below, but they’re based on AA’s Traditions!

I’m *against* organising (any) religion beyond the unit level (Temple, Mosque, Church or Gurdwara, etc) and that unit too should be a cooperative, serving those who pray at that shrine *only*! 

The exact same is true of my opinion on political parties. Or for that matter ‘Associations’ of almost all kinds. The ‘Collective Bargaining’ principle has been taken out of all proportions affecting *nations* as a whole now. (Aka Vote Banks).

The moment anything is “organised” it becomes a political game rather than an opportunity to serve. And soon a ‘power’ game develops. See even our existing unit levels ‘Organisations’! RWAs. Trade Associations. NGOs. Temple Boards. Parishes. Mullahs…. Etc etc.

There is no substitute for the *participative* organisation at the unit level. But that depends entirely on the members and that is where the human race has failed miserably, thanks entirely to the western culture of I-Me-Mine spun out by marketing gurus employed by the capitalists.

People become unwitting pawns as they’re *fed* stories of *contributing* by the unitary level of organisations … which have their own hidden agenda that’s conjured up by the very top, unknown even to the ranks till the day of launch.

That’s where AA’s Traditions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 come into play (but often ignored totally by the *power structure* ). For those who don’t know these traditions, here they are:

I know I could have had “greater” success had I “joined” any of these in my younger days. But I also know that I wouldn't have the freedom and peace I have from *not* “joining”!

Have a nice weekend!


yes Fantastic Sir. For me respecting and living in tradition is an undercover operation. I know what I might have missed if I have accepted the opportunity given by the members of service structure. Thanks allot Sir. 

The 12 Step Workshop

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