How to be persistent

Everyone needs a break. A short break in the middle of a long session. A longer break at the weekend. And sometimes, a long break at the end of a phase of a project or big development.

The problems is seldom the break. The problem is usually that re-starting is put off so much that it is often indefinite!

So the problem is not the need or practice of taking a break. It is the inability to re-start.

So what is the trick those few people who can re-start without (apparently) any problems?

There are a few tricks they use:

  1. The breaks are planned and announced.
  2. They make a commitment (to others) to resume.
  3. The work they are doing is both important and need felt by them.

Everyone, without exception, is "busy". To think that these people who can resume work at will aren't busy would be delusional and myopic. The thing is, they're clear of their priorities, commitments and carve out the time in a manner that balances all the pulls and pushes on their attention and time.

But most of all, they remain in an aware state of mind.

Right now, instead of trying to "understand" all this, just get into action. "Log In" to the task that was left half done. Action is the key word!



Just action. Simple.

The 12 Step Workshop

The 12-Step Workshop - or SWS for short is the entry-level programme for people to work the 12-steps of AA. Coached by AAs, for AAs and of AAs, the SWS is a 3-day programme.


The Promises Workshop, or PWS for short, is for people who've maintained long-term sobriety and have completed doing at least two SWSs. They need to have also actually worked all the 12 Steps in their entirety.

Train the Trainer

WSLB believes in the AA tradition of "give it away to keep it". Hence a Train the Trainer (T3WS) Course.