Beyond Unmanageability

Betond Unmanageability

Betond Unmanageability

Hi, my name is JS and I am an Alcoholic, A Co-Alcoholic and A Compulsive Overeater all rolled into one and I live in Bangalore.

For us to even look at our powerlessness without the denial mechanism working, which is powered by Unmanageability, we need a way to go beyond the operations of Unmanageability, at least temporarily. Even if it is transient.

In a later talk I’ll cover a way to have some respite from it in a talk on Learn to Listen. But for now, we’ll look at how to go beyond the trap of Unmanageability.

  1. So far, we have seen what UM is.
  2. We have also seen how the UM works on us through our thoughts.

The obvious way to stem the UM from taking over our thought process is to reject the first barrage of thoughts. Simply discard them.

What prevents us from doing that is our belief that the thoughts are ours. That we may lose them. That we are doing the thinking. That is simply not true. Thoughts happen to us. I’ll talk about it in my later talk on Think Think Think. All we can do is only choose which thought to embrace and act on.

The fear that we may either forget the thought or not get any other is what is the stumbling block here. It’s an inauthentic fear.

Don’t get me wrong. I did not say that we’re incapable of thinking. No, I did not say that. But for us to get back that God given ability we need to do work on ourselves.

If you try this technique of rejecting that first barrage of thoughts, you’ll find that thoughts stop altogether. You’ll go blank for a short while. That is when you can start ‘thinking’!

This rejection must be authentic. Genuine. Not a pretense. Avoid saying I’ll come back to it later. No, reject it. Till thoughts stop altogether.

Remember: It’s the first barrage of thoughts that does all the damage.

React means grab that first thought.

Act means let the thoughts run dry, then look at what you want to do.

Now this may or may not happen for you initially. But if you persist, it will happen. You’ll generate silence in that traffic ridden mind. It requires Practice Practice Practice.

This is the place to be before you can start generating thoughts in the direction you actually want or focused on a topic.

To recap, the way to go beyond the barrage of the UM generated thoughts, simply reject all thoughts till there are no more coming.

What do you do after that? Well, that depends on what you intended to do next. You will be able to generate thoughts on that subject with focus.

We will need that when we look at powerlessness.

I think I will and stop here for today and take any questions that may be there for you. If you want to ask a question, post in the chat box. I’ll unmute your audio and then you can go ahead. Everyone else please keep your audio on mute all the time. Thank you. Any questions?

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I have try to practice of discard the first group of thought. But i have worried that, i will miss that pleasure. And I immediately reacted to my first thought. How to handle the situation which related to the pleasure. Ex, urge for tea, smoke and etc.

If you don't do what you have to do, keep trying till you succeed and take help of your sponsor.

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