What is Sponsoring?

In the fellowship, sponsoring is promoted as a way not only of helping others still struggling with the programme but also as a way to advance one's own recovery. This is not a new concept. The various roles of supporting others, known by different names around the world, have been around ever since the advent of civilisation.

However, in the fellowship, it has degenerated into a turf protection political game.


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The 12 Step Workshop

The 12-Step Workshop - or SWS for short is the entry-level programme for people to work the 12-steps of AA. Coached by AAs, for AAs and of AAs, the SWS is a 3-day programme.


The Promises Workshop, or PWS for short, is for people who've maintained long-term sobriety and have completed doing at least two SWSs. They need to have also actually worked all the 12 Steps in their entirety.

Train the Trainer

WSLB believes in the AA tradition of "give it away to keep it". Hence a Train the Trainer (T3WS) Course.