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SWS January 2020

WSLB are pleased to announce the 12-step workshop to be held in Bangalore, India.

The details for registration are as follows:

Eligibility: Open to members of any 12-Step fellowship, with 1 year of continuous abstinence. Members with at least 6 months abstinence may attend with their sponsors. For co-dependency programs, the criteria changes from "abstinence" to "regularly attending meetings"

All registrations are strictly on first come, first served basis, fully paid. Cancellations before the last date for cancellations will receive a full refund.

The SWS is open to all 12-step fellowship members (AA, NA, Al-Anon, GA, OA, etc).

Fill in the form without leaving any blank. Only the person doing the registration needs to give a valid mobile number & email. For family members (only), these fields are optional.

Anyone may book a place for themselves and immediate family only (Spouse, Unmarried or Dependent Children above 12 yrs of age).

On Tentative Registration using this form, you will receive an email from this website giving you the bank details to which to remit the registration fees.

On receipt of the registration fees, the Treasurer for this SWS (a part of the Organising Group) will confirm your registration online and you will automatically receive another email confirming your payment.


Given the constraints, WSLB would try and conduct an SWS once a year.


The details of the SWS are as here .......

Here are the steps we took

Yesterday was my 58th birthday, and this is a great time f­or me to put on the 20-20 glasses and gain some hindsight on the journey of recovery so far. I was 32 when I joined the fellowship. What stood out in this review is a) abstinence precedes but isn’t the same as recovery, b) recovery, distinguished as the repeated application of the 12 steps upon all aspects of the practitioner’s life, exhibits ever broader contexts as the practitioner progresses in life, and c) the support [aka sponsorship] needs of the individual likewise grow in maturity.

Gopal K, Singapore. 02/12/2018

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The 12 Step Workshop

The 12-Step Workshop - or SWS for short is the entry-level programme for people to work the 12-steps of AA. Coached by AAs, for AAs and of AAs, the SWS is a 3-day programme.


The Promises Workshop, or PWS for short, is for people who've maintained long-term sobriety and have completed doing at least two SWSs. They need to have also actually worked all the 12 Steps in their entirety.

Train the Trainer

WSLB believes in the AA tradition of "give it away to keep it". Hence a Train the Trainer (T3WS) Course.