WSLB Financial Policy

After having conducted many, many workshops in Bangalore and outside, the WSLB has arrived at a sustainable practice, yet be governed by Tradition 7 which simply says “we are self-supporting through our own contributions.”

For each workshop the local organizing group/s will estimate the total expenses for day one of the SWS and based on the estimated number of participants, work out the average contribution per head for day one.


The total day 1 costs may include:

1.    Amortization of investment in equipment over three workshops, Travel, boarding and lodging of WSLs and/or outstation volunteers (if any) who are financially not well off to sustain such expense.

2.    Costs such as rent, paid workers, photocopying for handouts and consumables such as whiteboard markers, notebooks, pens, food and refreshments, etc.

The estimated cost per head is rounded-up to the nearest Rs. 10/- and is announced as the day 1 contribution to the kitty to be paid along with the registration, which will close 24 hours before the start of the SWS.

Walk-in registrations to pay 25% extra prior to entering the hall, to defray extra expenditure to be incurred for their food and refreshments etc. Thereafter they contribute to the kitty as all others do.

It is the responsibility of those participants who cannot afford the first day registration fee to find sponsors who will pay on their behalf at the time of registration. Walk Ins will pay 25% more.

Accounts for all inflows and outflows will be put up by the organisers, as usual, after an appropriate break and the kitty will be passed around only if there is a deficit to be met for the day.

Any surplus at the end of the SWS shall be disposed of as per the group conscience of the participants present.

WSLB will follow tradition 7 and implement it as above. This policy needs to be communicated to the local organizing groups at the very beginning when a SWS is being discussed. However, the local group conscience will prevail as they are the producers of the workshop and WSLB only delivers the content.

WSLB will determine which WSLs and/or outstation volunteers qualify for financial support for their defraying their actual expenses as described above, based on the actual cost of travel, board and lodging of the concerned SWS, and also the earning capacity of the individuals concerned.


WSLB neither charges nor collects any Fees for itself or its WSLs. Their effort, time and knowledge is always provided free.