12 Step Workshops

The 12-Step Workshop - or SWS for short is the foundation programme for people to work the 12-steps of AA. Coached by AAs, for AAs and of AAs, the SWS is a 3-day programme. The WSLB sends one (or two) of its trainers (aka WSLs) to conduct the SWS and charges no fees for itself or its WSLs. WSLB asks that the local group that organises the SWS follow Tradition 7 of AA to meet its expenses.

Some organisers charge a fixed fee to facilitate their events. Even in these cases, the WSLB does not charge a fee. If the WSLs must travel far and boarding & lodging is expensive or beyond their personal capacity, WSLB's Financial Policy applies.

The SWS covers a wide range of tools, slogans and all the 12 Steps of AA. Unlike the casual reading of these Steps or the Big Book, the SWS explores the way to practice these steps in day-to-day life. The sessions are fully interactive and have an immediate impact on participants. The approval ratings of the SWS hover around 95%+.

First started in 2008, many 100's of people have completed the SWS and over 33% have done it more than once. The repeaters have shared real progress in their lives after doing their steps in an SWS. Often, participants who never "found" a suitable sponsor in the fellowship end up taking a sponsor after years in the programme!


Initially in English, more languages will follow online at an easy to use and multimedia based workshop.