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An evening meeting

Few days back Thursday BB reading meeting. Most of fellow members including office-bearers went for Trditions work shop. HP gave me an opportunity  to chair meeting . BB passing hand to hand and every one reading one paragraph. I am listening.






Before and after Kanchipuram Work Shop

I started attending AA meeting after an interview with an old timer. My journey was joyfull and hopefull. I am able to meet wonderful persons who were living in the program. They were "Legends" for me and my HP chosen messengers. Here I am sharing about one such a "Legend" who turned my direction to LISTNEING.

My first conversation with an AA member...

When I am running my own business, many times I use to see one of my frend taking different people to some ware from a near by hospital. One day I asked him. He told me little about program. I felt my friend was doing good social work (as we both were participating in AOL organisation cources). Later came to know what he was doing. He was in AA science long back

My self with my old timer

The first day of my AA meeting: An old man came to me and said "I I am having dental doctor appointment, we will meet tomorrow same time." He explained me about HALT and said that he did as his earlier friends did. I am surprised and felt " Idon't know him, why he was telling me?."

Second day we met. While returning back from meeting he said, " if possible can you stay a little while babu." Something comfort I felt to stay as he said. He introduced me two members 3 months elder than me in program. From that day we 3 simply connected and our relation was comfortable till today.