The programme is not a theory!

I've been doing the 12-step workshop since 2008 and have seen lots of people do the SWS repeatedly. Sadly, they rarely think it's all about practicing the steps!

More theory (Gyan) won't make anything better. Recovery requires that we practice the steps, not preach them!

Ventrans of multiple SWSs are around, but it's a crying shame that they can't or won't even make a heartfelt apology, let alone amends.

Refreshing my old learnings

I'm working on the content for the PWS that's to start tomorrow. In this process, I have re-studied the two basic distinctions that I first studied in 1984-86, when I was at the height of my business career. In retrospect, I see these two distnctions transformed my life thereafter.

Now, I can see that applying these to realise the 12 promises looks to have been the Grace of God.

Letting go

I received a call from my recovering son while he was at office saying that his boss wants him to accompany him to another state on a work related issue today. I saw two things happen to me. "What can be better than this on the work front for his rising?" While I expect(ed) him to outrightly take a positive decision and agree to go, my skeptical mind raised its ugly head yet again..