My experience in doing Issue #1 - PWS 2017

Initially, it was very difficult to identify the 5 main areas when the assignment was posted on Whatsapp. Then I wrote a story about my Financial issues and how bad my financial management was. In fact, there was NO Financial planning at all whatsoever. Only when the sample was posted on the website it was clear as to what the assignment was all about. It took 2 attempts for me to post the issue correctly.

The 12 Promises realised daily

I retired from actively working for a living way back in 1994. Briefly, I joined a good friend to promote a nutrition business as I was free, wanted to help my firend and believed (still do!) in the project. But the fact of the matter, I drew my last "income" in 1994.

Now, in March 2017, I'm actually better off financially than I was in 1994, without having worked for any commercial interest since 1994!

How did I manage that? The answer is in ONE sentance: Applying the 12 steps to my own life to realise the 12 promises. I am testimony that it can be done; that it is real! That's when the idea of the Promises Workshop occurred to me.